July - October 2019

I stopped writing these posts after June so here's a big summary from me!

I made slime enemies, they hop at you. That's really it. They only really work as a pest but you will have to deal with them at least once before you get a sword!

These guys are pretty self explanatory. I made sure their rotation had a million frames so you could really see them speed up! You'll see later but I love making things bounce off walls

Building Dungeon 0 gave me a lot of opportunities to see how things break, like the soft collision here!

And then according to my records I did absolutely nothing with this game in August or September! :O I think I was playing Final Fantasy XIV in a fugue state. Also Link's Awakening came out and you're nuts if you didn't think I was gonna power through that again. But it was a nice break.

Around the end of September I got ready for DEVTOBER. Great excuse to get back to projects. But it DID lead to me making a lot of gifs so instead let me sum up!

Woah this is a long gif but I basically got a shop up and running in 3 days. The shop keeper only watching a self service bin was a placeholder because I don't have dialogue choices in but now I think it's cute. There will be more items later and probably some kind of penalty for stealing! Also this gif has a pretty rad glitch in it at the end

Carrying items and throwing them got a bit of an upgrade. Not exciting but NEEDED

Me trying to get cinematic. I only now just got this working in a way that's halfway decent. something like 5 months later.

I need 2 gifs to show this off but water stuff is in and works pretty much how you'd expect!

Setting guaranteed drops for the player

This one is embarrasing. But I thought I was a big super big brain and had set up a loop to write out arrays to a txt file to load later. Loading times were a little long. Probably not too long for a casual player or anything but as someone testing it was annoying me to have to load a game after also compiling it so I wanted to see how much faster a big chunk of code, 1 for each read function, would be. AND IT ERASES LOAD TIMES. So I took a day to swap over the save function to it too. The gif above shows the difference. It's massive!

Ok another big feature (A lot of big features on this project :3 )
Basically I stopped monsters spawning in a room if you've already cleared it and haven't gone to (I think?) 3 other rooms first. This one took quite a while to get right. I don't even remember what my original idea was for it (didn't work anyway) but it's solved with a tiny little global array and a small check on room creation!

Even feckin more big features. I got a map into the ui. Art is super placeholdery but it was another feature I was wondering if I could even DO so here!

This one is actually currently a mystery to me? I'm redoing my dungeon layout and... uh I think I hardcoded this map. But yes here is an almost fully featured dungeon map! Including a map item that shows you the whole layout in grey and the locations of keys, chests, doors and boss rooms. Currently doesn't support floors? Will I even do multiple floors?!?

And then here's a scrapped boss! It was the last thing I did for Devtober and I immediately dropped it as soon as the month was over. The idea was that I wanted to put a small boss in Dungeon 0 that you have to fight with only your shield, to ultimately earn your first sword. And obviously the only way you could really feasibly hurt a boss like that is by reflecting their attacks back at them. That was waaay too boring for me so I thought what if I just set the entire battle up as a game of Arkanoid/Alleyway?
Unfortunately I couldn't get the boss's fireball to behave right, they kept getting lodged in the slimes or doing double or triple damage, or not reflecting at all it was a pain. And what's worse is that it was booooooooring. Who wants to play a WHOLE game of Arkanoid in the 2020s? So instead of taking a lot of time to get it working right I just scrapped him.

That bring us up to uh December or so. I started working on a space survival game drawing weird aliens.

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