April 2020 pt 2

Man what a quick pair of weeks. Time goes fast when you are busy/sick and LOCKED IN AAAAAAA

First thing to show off. This bug

So the skin and the body are drawn separately. It's so I can do palette swaps on each.  90% of the time it's fine, except for after knockbacks. I couldn't for the life of me figure out why it was happening, because, well like any bug really I'm looking at code that should work perfectly and then this offset happens!?
So, what IS happening? Well your x or y position isn't an integer. That's it. That's all that causes this. Most of the player's speed vars are integers so you only every end up on an X.5 in some rare cases. For whatever reason you can draw an object's sprite on that position and NOTHING ELSE.  So I just took the time to get the same results with whole numbers, ugh. Now the fake gravity is still super granular which is why you wobble like you might notice in that gif, I aint changing that!
This was such an annoying bug that I've been investigating for soooo long gah.

Kinda related but I've been a little weird about the art style of the game. It's meant to kinda look like a GBC or NEO GEO Pocket game but... with a bigger screen and I feel like I've been using way too many colours per 8x8 space. So I chopped down the amount of colours in the player's sprite and took that kind of attitude into working on dungeon 1's tiles. You might notice a lot of my white colour is actually kind of tinted which is a GBC Zelda thing in particular.

And yeah while I was at that I added a load more options for palettes in character creation.

Some work on a mini boss for the first dungeon. It's not there yet!! There's a load of animation quirks and some of the tail movement that I want to mess with before this is ready to go.

He's obviously Moldorm-like but he's based mainly on seeing a wall ahead and choosing to turn in time. He has a ton of inertia which lets him kind of skid around.  

Next up, of course when you beat a midboss you get a teleporter to the entrance. So I started to test that out, and realised I never really made an area to let me tp to parts of the world map. And then... well as you see here it worked really well!!! No problems at all!

Simple stuff but I made a bush that spawns stairs for you. It also spawns a hole that teleports you, which I know I've done before but with loot bushes and the hole spawning bush spawned my regular loot. So strange. Like the bushes I was using the whole time spawned a temporary loot drop and can do teleports and the teleport bush does no teleports and has a better loot object spawning outta it???
Anyway, I also used this opportunity to completely redo loot. Which I wont show off but now bullets will drop if you already own the gun, and stuff I have in place to make more hearts drop if you are hurt actually WORKS :O

I now have monster spawns that can be tied to story flags. Very handy for classic puzzles like "Don't get the wrong switch, buddy!"
I also have BETTER doors now! BETTER! These locked doors used to just destroy themselves if their flag was tripped when being created. Which is fine for doors that only open once and not these guys. Truly, game development is a mile a minute kind of business.

That's all for April.  Work continues on this first dungeon. And creating/testing content is showing up all the edges that I left kind of rough. Which is great, who knows what I left all messed up.

Anyway see you in a week or two if I'm not too sick!

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