Demo 1.2 OUT

A few nice fixes from the last few weeks of feedback!

Demo v1.2

    - Walk speed increased
    - Fixed a weird prop at the garage
    - King Kobold now attacks a lot quicker. No more waiting around forever!
    - Sign in town now has text
    - Changed Sokobon room in Dungeon 1 cos I hated it
    - An NPC will tell you when the demo is over!
    - Fixed some weird hit detection with pushblocks that the new speed stuff made WORSE
    - Removed tnt chest from cave
    - Added a 100% tnt drop to some hard to reach bushes
    - When rolling for loot if the game rolled for a heart and you were at full hp you would spawn nothing
        now you get a money drop instead, massively buffing the coin drop rate
    - Added Autosave option to options menu  

  - changed point in animation where you actually spawn the boomerang in the throw

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Jul 27, 2020

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