March 2020

If you caught my last update I mentioned around the end that things were getting weird here. Well the very next week I ended up out of work. Clients dried up and I was sent home, so everything here is from the first few days of working from home. Why only the first few days? and not the entire week? Well I got sick as hell is why. It's possibly because it was the first time off I've had in 7 years and my immune system took a break too (this happens to people a lot apparently??). Anyway I got a really awful head cold that finally started to mess me up around Wednesday or so and I've been in bed since. It doesn't seem to be Covid 19 though, thankfully. We went into full lock down on Friday. More time to work on this and other projects I guess.

I took the time to knuckle down and fix some shit. Most of the new enemies now properly die and are able to harm the player. There's a new enemy I'll show off at a later date when it's done, along with the area he'll be in, that's all still in progress. Bug fixes came, the game starts up faster  by populating all it's globals in one go. Blah blah you came here for GIFS!

The whole sequence that kind of kicked off my need for better cutscene control is now in. I was trying to force the player to press enough buttons to do this but instead it just draws over.  You also get a nice look at my inventory screen with the player posing in it with all their gear!

This one is kinda dumb tbh because there's no content in the game to speak of really but now the timer option will display a timer. It's very generous, and will only count down when you have real control over your character and not when you are in a cutscene or dialog or a menu. Also shown here is a little safety feature I added ages ago. If you quit during the intro without saving it will reload with it all skipped and all the proper equipment. Handy because it's long as hell and I need to cut it down.

This is a readded feature of my already bloated dialog system. I can show symbols of buttons in my dialog. This will need a lot of work later if I'm going to add rebinding but it's nice as is asides from one unreadable SNES button. I'd tried this before on my last game and I couldn't get things to draw properly as classes. Now instead it just draws over certain characters like # for example.

While fixing up tnt stuff. (you could plant it inside of objects which looked weird) I kept trying to throw some only to have it snag on corners. So I added soft collision on edges. The player already does this and its a brilliant game feel addition that I hadn't really thought of adding to other objects.

That's it for March! I then got really really ill. I'm getting better now, though I'm still gross as hell. We are stuck until at least April 12th so we will see how this goes

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