Jun 2019

Ok another one of these dumps for the last month or so of work. Most of it has been on making rooms and improving my tilesets. Just building building building building, which doesn't leave much to show.

First off I got my menus lookin' pretty. This is the new game menu obvs. but I've a nicer looking load and options menu in there too.

But wait, I'd fucked up. I'd failed to anticipate my own audience, so I added another letter to the player's name so you could do...well what everyone does when you can name your character.

After that came some very needed accessibility stuff. You can turn on auto-skip to automatically proceed to the next page of dialogue after 10 frames, and also set the text scrolling speed, which defaults to 2 but can go a looot slower. I'm currently in the middle of getting the game to replace any text with "..." so you can skip EVERYTHING if you wanna but it was bugging out. Skip it all idgaf, I'm not Jon Blow.

Other text stuff includes the start of adding screen shake to text because I was playing undertale and gato-roboto... and then also some font stuff so I can have tutorial text, both of which need finishing. I saw someone complaining about games with complex textbox shit never being finished and...

Next up were these slidey assholes. I'm building up the bestiary before I go and make the first mini-dungeon (think Hero's Cave from the Oracle games)

And lastly some geese-like enemies. I'm going to replace these placeholder sprites with something a little weirder if I can get the art right.

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