March 2019

Skeletons can do whatever they dream of. Put an option to be a skeleton in all your games please.

Speaking of putting skeletons in games, I'm going to drive by update again.

Last week...ish? I made pits, now they kill you!

And now you can fall into areas from them.

After that I got crackin' on adding Minish Cap style rolls. The massive bump off the walls has been seriously toned down from this gif. As well I ended up making the roll itself shorter. Being able to bump yourself feels pretty bad when you do a massive roll into a wall that you can't cancel out of, so I settled on small, zippy rolls that you can spam nicely.

Then of course I had to make sure your two defensive options actually had and effect on enemies. Similar to your bump the roll and your shield will now pop enemies up into the air and out of your path (also making you immune to their touch damage). There's a small bug with this, because there isn't actually an upper limit on enemies when they are in the "air" so you can pop them into the air with your shield and if you are fast enough bat them across the screen with a sword swipe. I think I'm leaving it in for the moment because its fun to do. Might even make them hitting the walls do some extra damage. Oh also I went and actually made a proper death effect for enemies, I like it. It's weird how satisfying the effect used in the Oracle games were compared to LA.

Then, Guns! You need a six shooter out on the frontier, although I had initially planned to make it a lever-action rifle... I got annoyed trying to draw a foreshortened rifle so I fell back on a pistol. It's pretty easy to use, you hold the attack button to aim and release to shoot, or you can just hammer on the button to keep drawing and shooting.

Last gif here, but with the ending of the gun stuff I've now finished all of the player actions I had planned earlier, I might make more later but I'm moving on to map stuff, Specifically dungeons, I'm still trying to figure out an elegant way to get areas to link together instead of adding vars to objects I'll get to it, I have a table in mind. But anyway before I get to that I went and did puzzle stuff.
It's all pretty simple stuff, but I've still some other stuff to go like giving the player chests and key stuff. I'm pretty happy with how the game will re-arrange blocks to be in the right space if the puzzle is correct, because I was worrying about how to have room states be semi-permanent without making them persistent inside Game Maker itself. I'll see if I can do the same for monsters in the overworld later...

Anyway thats like a week or a week and a half of work there. I've over done it a bit, and now my wrists hurt. Everyones been pretty up on what I've been showing though, so it feels pretty great. I have a really good feeling about actually finishing this.

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