Feb 2019

Hi duders, popping in with some more gifs from this project.

I got chests and inventory items in, I had a small amount of this set up last time with pieces of heart but now you can get items and coins out of them as well. Keys and ammo and some other stuff will come later once I do em.

Then I got stuck into DEATH. With the knockback and pain stuff already done I set up some checkpointing before you die. Ignore the stupid amount of screenshake here... There will at some point be a screen here to save, continue or quit too. Maybe.. We'll see how much time it eats up for the player. Those interior tiles are ripped from Oracle of Seasons btw, just in case anyone thinks I drew em..

(long gif) So then after that I imported the other character sprite. Having multiple appearances was something I really want to put into most things I make but I never have time.. luckily I got PixelPope's palette swapping tool off of itch.io which halved the work involved, so there's now a small range of character options.
Youi've probably noticed but I prettied up the inventory screen too, it tracks your in game time, system clock, deaths and time since you last saved, which I hope is handy. You can save off this screen too in a really clumsy way but whatever.

This is from last night and is still...slightly broken, but I realised if I was making a hookshot item it should really actually work like a hookshot. So you can Indiana Jones over gaps with the whip.

And then the last one from today but I made pits. They don't hurt you yet but they do have that slippery ring around the edge of the dangerzone for you to try to run out of. You can also move over them safely with the whip and the leaf.

That's all, really. I've been slowly fixing a lot of broken things as I go along and it's been getting cleaner and cleaner. I'm six items away from being finished with this stage of the project.

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