Jan 2019 pt III (The revenge)

Another week on this zelda-thing. This week was mostly related to health stuff. Getting hit, healing and expanding your health pool.

So I worked on this knockback, it's actually closer to how things worked in Zelda 3 rather than LA, but it's cute and you bounce. I always feel better about movement if the object bounces a little for whatever reason. Also you better believe I broke this one

Then while I was setting up hearts and healing I noticed that if you set a bomb and immediately hit it with a boomerang it would launch it at something. Which I never meant to have happen but it's pretty cool. I tried it with the whip, and it whips it back into your face and explodes!

Las thing for this week, I made pieces of heart. They work...exactly the same as you'd expect, though the bulk of the work was messing with my dialog file to include player actions like his little hold up sprite.

Other than that it's just been me digging in the guts of the game to get things ready for expanding in other areas. I was pretty bloody lazy when I started working on this, I wanted to get into actual gameplay stuff as soon as I could so I just lifted my entire menu system from the last game... It looks ugly as fuck but it's all ready to get worked on whenever I have the real shit done.

Anyway next up I'm continuing on from the heart container stuff and getting chests and picking up inventory items finished before I move on to letting the player actually die, which isn't totally as simple as I want it to be, but I need to figure out where and when to checkpoint. Once you can die it's really a game.

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