Jan 2019 pt II

I forgot to throw these up on saturday but here's my progress on the zelda-like.

Made some bombs. These work exactly how you imagine they do. Some more wall stuff is coming up later when I get doors working right.

Made a boomerang. It's a little faster than the whip but it doesnt drag you along. It also nabbs as many items as it can and stuns enemies.

Of course... I broke it

And then something I'm kind of proud of. I spent the last few days setting up the save system, which I've done a heap of times already but this time I wanted to add custom names for your file/character. SO I figured out how to inject variables into strings I was loading from the dialog file and then went and built a keyboard. And it works!

I'm pretty excited about this project, tbh. It feels really good to work on

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