Intro and where I'm at

Hi, are the 2D Zeldas your favorite ones? Do you like Cowboys on different planets? Demons? I don't know where I'm going with this but these are all things I'm putting in this game

The Set Up

You're a young settler from one of the new Martian cities striking out into the untamed frontier. On your way, though, you're ambushed by a shadowy group and left for dead. What's worse is, they took your dog!

It's a 2d Zelda-like with space western stuff in for PC (probably Itch, maybe Steam but that is a long shot). It started with me drawing a western styled tileset and sprites based on Link's Awakening and the Capcom Zeldas in like Dec 2018, which I quickly realized I really would rather be working on than my broke ass platformer that was going nowhere. So it's about 14 months old as of this post. Things started out strong and stayed really strong for a long time, mainly because I was just taking things from random Zelda games and recreating or iterating on them. Then I got sick, then I got a dev job. But I'm goin hard on this game again. I hit MVP some time last summer and now I'm getting stuck in to content. The aim is to work towards some sort of demo to put on, maybe to raise funds for Steam depending on how it goes. One chunk of the overworld and maybe a dungeon (other than the small intro dungeon I have in atm).


Shoehead- Art and Code
I'm Shoehead, I do pixel art a lot and I ran out of friend's games to do art for years ago so I learned GML. I'm ok at both. Stuff tends to break in pretty amazing ways. More of that later.
Most of my dev work gets sandwiched in between body piercing and art work for @playoutworlder . I'm a busy person

Big Features so far!

  •  Player skins and alternate palette
  •  Name entry
  •  Combat
  •   Health upgrades (you know... pieces of heart)
  •  Save games
  •  Dialog
  •  Options
  •   Difficulty options
  •  Dungeon and overworld map UI
  •  Shops
  •  Water and swimming -    Z levels
  •  Whip (works like a hookshot)
  •  World and dungeon maps loading from tables (hands free warping from cell to cell, its great!)
  •   Dodge rolling

Planned Big Features (maybe!)

  •   Some small dialog choices
  •   Button Rebinding
  •   On screen timer
  •   Iron man mode
  •   Marking the map (very tentative!
  •   Even faster text scrolling
  •   Separate dungeon floors

Recent stuff that I'm proud of!

  •  Some persistence on maps (if a room has all enemies killed on it they wont respawn unless you move a few screens away first)
  •  An option that changes all text to "..." if you want to skip most text. It's kind of a half measure tbh
  •  Sprites were redrawn in a slightly bigger size. Roughly the difference between LA to LTTP in a jump. I hated how little detail I could get out of the GB stle sprites.
  •  Lots of changes to the scale of tiles. Particularly buildings.
  •  Allowed for massive overworld rooms, roughly double the size of a regular overworld room. Also logic for joining small rooms to the edges of large ones and warping properly are in.   (eg. if you are in the lower left quarter of a larger room that borders 2 small rooma you can now walk into the right room based on your Y coordinate)
  • A nicer looking screen for character creation, naming your dog and choosing some game difficulty options.
  •  Hearts are now split into half health counters giving you 32 total hp. It makes things a little bit more forgiving.
  •  Reworked a lot of hitboxes/hurtboxes
  • A whole new system for directing cutscenes and controlling wandering npcs

Currently Working on

  •       The larger player sprites are almost done, they need swimming and some stuff with the whip
  •       Mapping out the main town of Van Allen. Exterior is done for now but most of the interiors are missing tile sets and npcs
  •       Shrinking a lot of hitboxes and blowing up some other.


  1.    MVP    - DONE!
  2.   Do a demo

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