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Will you be making more of these in different locations? This is honestly the best NES styled set on Itch.

I bought this assets just right now! Thank you, man! They are perfect for my project!

I hope they help!

They are great! I was wondering do you have something for house interiors in the same cyberpunk style?

There's nothing, there probably would have been if the game these were for got further along

This has inspired me to make a game of my own! Thank you!

Man, I'm SO using these! :D




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In price-to-product comparison this is basicically 1-to-10
you pay almost nothing and get everything to make a complete legitimate retro video game, provided you know how to.

What's the license on this?

Added to the page. I knew I was forgetting something. Sorry!

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Looked for this in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, didn't see it :/

Im stuck waiting on them to accept it

Gah! Well I got the bundle, I will wait. Thanks :)


I'll update my description to explain it better. I thought the process would be way quicker and Im worried ill miss the end of the bundle

no worries! super excited to play with these. NES graphics are my favorite haha

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it's in it but because they got 1000+ elements they have a separated page for download because it would have flood user colection. got to ant there "You already bought this bundle" and you have to search for it 


The bundle updated sometime last night, Its on there