• - Try to stay alive as long as you can while dodging attacks from severed heads.
  • - Collect 10 gold skulls for powerups (More powerups coming soon!)


Analog sticks work too!

Left trigger or space bar to boost!

[Game objects]


It's you! A rocket-powered skull. Try to stay alive.

Severed Head

All they can really do without their bodies is headbutt you and die. Don't let them!

Blood Head

More powerful and faster than their regular brethren. They like to circle you at a distance and take pot shots at you. Beware!

Zombie Head

Zombie heads aren't too bright but they don't need to be. They die in a massive explosion of gore if they get too close, soaking you in gross headjuice.

Skinned Head

Having no skin while in the vacuum of space sucks. Skinned heads spew out a tonne of projectiles at a high rate out of sheer rage.

Gold Skull

Collect 10 of these for a nice surprise. (It's harder than you'd think!)


ver.05 30/03/15

  • Getting hit now earns you -1 points and you'll lose your power up!
  • Added the Moon. Just for fun
  • Game is now in 720p (I'll put in scaling and options eventually)
  • Game now runs at 30fps instead of 20, some sprites animate quicker, others the same. THE GAME IS A LOT FASTER NOW
  • New sound for zombie head death
  • Stopped the skinless head's projectiles from making noise b/c it was way too loud
  • Tweaked some sound volume
  • Some spawning tweaks for both Zombie and Skinless heads
  • Some really small changes to the players' skull. New palette
  • Bugfix: projectiles no longer collide with dying heads at all (plus I coded it better this time) (!!!)
  • Bugfix: all projectiles now explode properly when they hit enemies

ver 0.04 05/01/15

  • New powerup, rapidshot added. rapidshot projectile added
  • New Powerup text
  • Projectiles don't pass through zombie heads any more.
  • Projectiles make little explosions on hits.
  • Boost button added (Space/right trigger)
  • Dust trails, stamina drains while boosting.
  • Spread shot stacks with rapid shot (its a bug! ITS A FEATURE!)
  • Zombie self destructs and deaths shouldn't hurt you on the last two frames of exploding any more.
  • New Enemy! Skinless Heads move towards the enemy and spray projectiles in a circle around them. Only 7 spawn at a time
  • Zombies only drop items 20% of the time.
  • Bumped the powerup rate to one every ten skulls
  • Shield now stops enemy projectiles.
  • Projectiles no longer collide with dying enemies (asides from Zombies!)

Ver 0.03 01/01/15

  • Reworked Player's animations
  • Player now skews right and left as they move
  • New powerup - Spreadshot
  • Fixed shooting to only use one projectile
  • Added dice roll for powerups, there's a 50/50 chance of getting either atm
  • Added a new enemy, the Zombie Head. Gets within a certain distance of the player and explodes for damage.
  • Added a minimum amount of enemies to spawn. It was dropping below 20 mobs spawned way too easily.
  • Bloodheads can now spawn above the regular cap. Their firerate is also a lot higher.
  • Analog stick support is in!!!



PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsHorrible, Horror, Shoot 'Em Up, Space, Twin Stick Shooter


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